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Because it has been factory pre-seasoned, this grill press is ready to use straight out of the box.

Old Mountain Pig Grill Press - is Pre seasoned from the finest cast iron.On the stovetop or the grill, the Lodge grill press is handy for eliminating curl from your bacon or ham, pressing unwanted fats from your burgers or sausage, and holding heat in your grilled sandwiches.

Pressing food removes unwanted fats from meat, helps food cook more evenly, and can help meat cook faster as well.The cast iron grill press gives you superlative pollo al mattone (chicken under a brick), while the plancha enables you to combine metal plate searing with smoking.Read the How to Use a Cast Iron Panini Press discussion from the Chowhound Cookware, Cast Iron food community.

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When preheated, the press also speeds up cooking time significantly.Just heat the press in a grill pan on the stovetop or in the oven, then place on top of food to cook both sides at once.Updated on July 07, 2009 D.H. asks from Olathe, KS on July 02, 2009. when you put the press in the oven to heat it, it can smoke a lot.Purchase your Cast Iron Panini Grills and other sandwich prep equipment at wholesale prices on

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Find great deals on eBay for cast iron grill press and panini sandwich maker.Flip from frying pancakes on the griddle to sizzling steaks on the grill with this reversible cast iron pan.On the stove top or grill, the Lodge round grill press keeps bacon from curling and presses out unwanted grease from burgers.The Centaur ABSGM 1120 is a sandwich grill that has smooth grill plates on the top and bottom, each made of rugged cast iron.

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This traditional press is designed to help cook tastier cuts of meat and reduce the cooking time by maximising contact with your pan or griddle.On the stove top or grill, the Lodge rectangular grill press keeps bacon from curling and presses out unwanted grease from burgers.

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Purchase this cast iron grill press for your professional foodservice operation.

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Simply preheat the press, and then place atop the food for stunning results.

Our Lodge cast iron Panini Press holds heat like a champ, giving your meal attractive grill marks while speeding up the cooking time.The heavy-duty cast iron base has a unique hammered finish and features a safe cool-grip spiral handle.The flat design maximizes contact between food and the heat source.The Cuisinart Cast Iron Grill Press is a handy tool that makes grilling easier, faster and healthier.

Press away unwanted excess fat from your meat and serve up healthier grilled foods.There is a handle attached to the upper side of the flat weight.Find great deals on eBay for cast iron grill press and lodge cast iron grill press.Get this amazing after Christmas sale on lodge cast iron grill press from Lodge.

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Round cast-iron grill press for squeezing fat from meats or flattening bacon.Preheated and placed on top, The heavy cast iron press uniquely cooks from the top and bottom at the same time.

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The cast iron grill press produces crispy bacon and perfectly seared steaks.

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Our cast iron grill press grills burgers flat cooking both sides of meat with even heat while pressing out unwanted fats.Heavy weight press is used to push out the excess fat when cooking on the stovetop or grill.

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It can also be made of other heavy materials such as glass and aluminum.The concept behind a grill press is to keep food flat as it cooks and distribute heat evenly. Many.Want to blister a bunch of shishito peppers on the grill or roast cherry tomatoes.

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